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Here at The Retirement and Investment Centre, we see each of our clients as Partners of our Team.
We strive to create easy and comfortable relationships that enable us to nurture every individual’s financial freedom and stability.

Shaun Steward / Founder

Shaun created the concept and foundation of RAIC drawing from his 15 years in start-ups and an entrepreneurial background. Shaun has been involved in the creation and management of financial companies and delivers a simplifying approach to the education of financial concepts and investing strategies.
Shaun’s vision is to create a platform that offers an easy entry level into investing by creating a personalised education and investing program that anyone can use.

Shaun has always believed that the best way to create a successful enterprise is to include people in the process and share the rewards.
As such the RAIC concept is to work with you as a partner, not a client and to share with you the partner rewards.

“The only person’s behavior we can control is our own and the only thing we can truly give another person is information” – William Glasser

Michael Dinovitser / Founder

Partnering in the creation of the Retirement and Investment Centre to fulfill a passion for enabling others to follow in his own footsteps of achieving financial and personal freedom, Michael now shares his knowledge and abilities with others to help them their own dreams.
Building on over a decade of experience in banking, consulting and business from start-ups to global corporations, Michael uses his unique perspective and experience being an investor, creating investment opportunities and entrepreneurship to ensure a well-rounded approach education and business execution.
Having started his professional career in one of Australia’s big four banks in a variety of analyst and management roles in the retail finance space – spanning across business analysis, risk, operations, strategy and business improvement – Michael progressed his career and transitioned into commercial and global institutional banking.
While educating himself and making successful personal investments that allowed him to leave the corporate world, Michael’s progression into entrepreneurship furthered his passion in seeing others achieve their potential at any stage of life.
Michael’s the guy that sees all the angles so you don’t have to, he acutely focuses on creating the best well-balanced business and investment opportunities while keeping a keen eye on risk.

Josh Folghera

Josh has been a cornerstone of the Retirement and Investment Centre since its inception. Josh is responsible for management of all staff, developing policies and procedures along with generating and presenting reports to the senior management team. In addition, Josh is also our senior Investment Coach and finds great pleasure in assisting our clients with their financial, Investment and personal goals.

During his four-year career in finance, Josh has had extensive experience within large banks, mid-level mortgage broker firms and a small but influential and well-known mortgage manager with roles varying from customer assistance to critical assessment of consumer and commercial mortgages, goal-oriented budget planning and monitoring through to B2B sales.

Josh’s prior experience was spread out through various industries many of which are unrelated but have all given him skills to manage effectively and lead by example. Josh’s core values and morals resonate with those of the Retirement and Investment Centre and he holds a passionate work ethic. Josh is a well-liked and respected member of our team who continues to strive for excellence.

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