What are the main risks of investing in this fund?
There are risks with investing in any fund or investment. Here at RAIC Capital we use a multi-level risk mitigation process, which starts with how we purchase our assets - usually 60% under market value.

What are the products on offer at Pleasure Point Mine?
There are a huge number of products available in the site, including: dimension A & B stone, standard sandstone blocks and boulders, construction aggregates, high quality sandstone and other products. We are currently looking into constituents of the materials to determine whether we can extract and commercialise more products.

What evidences are there of the resources?
We have a comprehensive mining evaluation report of identified materials.

What are the competitive advantages of PPM Mine's sandstone?
There is a global shortage of sand, silica, and construction aggregates, domestically and internationally. We have particularly high quality sandstone that cannot be manufactured and is available only in the Helidon region.

What is the minimum investment?
A minimum of $ 20,000.

What are the investment fund's fees and expenses?
RAIC charges no fees to our investors. You receive the full advertised interest rate of 12% per annum plus a share of 15% equity.

What is RAIC looking to do with the funds?
We are using funds to purchase outright the freehold land that PPM sits on and the business, which includes an existing mining lease and permit; conduct further exploration and analysis of the site; and establish fully-functioning operations, including capex expenditure and executing the mining operations plan.

How does RAIC intend to generate revenue with PPM?
Initially, this will be done through long-term offtake agreements for the one million tonnes per annum extraction allowed by the current mining permit. Once we have the results of the further exploration and analysis, the strategy will be updated to reflect the most commercially-viable opportunities.

What is the objective of PPM Investment Fund?
To have complete ownership of and establish a fully-operational sand mine.
What differentiates RAIC from other asset fund managers?
The way our investments are structured, the dual-profit structure, is the construct of Shaun Fox's investing philosophy. Money should be the leverage of good investing, not the sum of its value. By this standard, we use your money to secure both fixed-interest returns on your funds as a loan and a percentage of direct ownership in the asset as a part of your leverage.

What is an alternative investment?
An alternative investment is an investment that is not traditional or typical. Alternative investments don't fall under the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds or cash, but do include both tangible and financial assets. Its definition is quite broad and can include assets such as art, precious metals, real estate, commodities, private equity, venture capital and cryptocurrencies.Alternative investments are not traded publicly in structured markets (e.g. ASX), but can be accessed privately, through retail, sophisticated and wholesale investment opportunities, wealth managers and hedge funds amongst others. They typically have a low correlation with traditional investments, making them ideal for portfolio diversification and reducing investment risk.A strong long-term strategy will typically generate higher rates of return with alternative investments.


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