This is a unique opportunity to invest and become an equity partner in a SAND MINE based in South-East Queensland for the most mined resource in the world, sand.

There is unprecedented demand, locally and globally, for sand and a common constituent, silica. These materials are used at all levels of the construction services and construction industries, and in creating glass and glass products as well as electronic components.

Asset-backed investment
We believe in tangible assets, we do not use our funds in the share markets and we only lend our money to assets that we are purchasing. We like to have direct control over not only where our money goes but to what that money is used for and how the business is run.Asset backed investing is the acquisition of assets for returns over a long period.
Dual-profit structure
The Dual-Profit structure is the construct of Shaun Fox’s investing philosophy. Money should be the leverage of good investing not the sum of its value.By this standard we use your money to secure both a fixed interest returns on your funds as a loan, and we also secure a percentage of direct ownership in the asset as part of your leverage.
Main resources of PPM is sandstone and silica
Our particular mine produces sandstone, mostly dimension A (the sort of sandstone with the beautiful purple/blue/white colors and patterns) that is used for making tiles or bench tops etc. Also our largest product is silica which is used for making phone screens, solar panels and more.

PPM is raising $9,000,000 in the first offering to purchase the mining permits, freehold land and contract further mining exploration. There will be a further $9,000,000 raise that will be used to fund the costs of setting up the mining operation being a total of $18,000,000. Returns to investors are a dual-class offering- your funds are a loan to the PPM company at a fixed rate of 12% p.a. for 2 years paid yearly in advance, and you also receive a proportionate amount of 15% equity in the PPM company. The mine has 20 million tonnes of known material and the newly discovered high yield silica sand.

How secure is this investment?
We use a Dual security process, a 1st registered mortgage over the land and a 1st registered charge over the company (the charge over the company means that all profits must go to paying down the loan)

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