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Interview with an Entrepreneurial Mentor

I was recently asked to do a talk for Wholesale Investor at their Venture Investment Summit so I thought I would include excerpts from my transcript here and elaborate a little more on some points.

Can Australia Afford the Stimulus Packages?

So, can Australia afford the $214 billion in stimulus money is being spent on the economy? Oh my, yes, not only can we afford it, but we can go quite a lot higher if needed. As always, we are seeing a lot of sensationalism and fear mongering in the media: "debt forever," "how will Australia survive?" This is just not the case.

Proof the World Can Be Green and Stop Global Warming – From a Capitalist

I think COVID-19 and good old Mother Earth has shown us that if we want change, just do it. We could be a truly green planet within two years. I know this for fact now. It takes 18 months to build a green waste-to-energy plant, and we have proven the human race can work together. There is already a huge movement by governments into green energy. I am involved in 20 waste-to-energy projects here in Australia.

How to be greedy 101

Greed is not such a bad sin! Greed is what motivates us to strive a little harder, it makes us work two jobs so we can have more and it’s why we all invest and are not just content with our lot. We want more! Don’t get me wrong, greed can make some people a total arse – just don’t be a douche about it!And there was never a better time to be greedy than right now! Recession creates opportunity. Now, you do not need to profit from misery, but we can get into that later. For now, let us talk about how to be a greedy little truffle pig and making the right choices.

Modern World- The Great Opportunity

Published March 24, 2020 - Opportunity always comes from disaster and upheaval. It is all about how you interpret the situation around you. The old ways of the 9 to 5 work day does not work for a few reasons.

Negative Interest Rates- The Real Bottom Line

Published March 23, 2020- The official cash rate is effectively the rate of funds at which banks can borrow money from the government. This is why there is such an outcry from the media when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cuts the cash rate and banks do not pass on the discount: the banks are now effectively making a larger profit from you, the consumer, because their costs have been lowered!

Good news, Bad media!

Published March 21, 2020 - It is in times like this that we become closer as a species. I am hearing some great stories out there of human kindness and solidarity. What makes me sad is that every time I look at the news, the headlines are all “the world is ending!” or good stories are being twisted and told in a negative light.

Smart Moves!- Bank Moves?

Published March 20, 2020- It is not often that you will hear me praise a bank; however, I must give credit where credit is due. Now, I am the first to criticise where criticism is due. Right now it is directed at mainstream media for feeding into hysteria. There is enough fear and confusion in the world right now without throwing more fuel onto the fire.

Doomsday-Then the day after

Published May 20, 2019- The unfortunate reality is that the lack of education has put everyone who was nodding along with my comments above in the worst possible situation you could ever been in and what I have to say next you really need to pay attention to.

Retirement Mindfulness

Published Nov 24, 2016- This is the exact information that as Australians we prescribe to the "she'll be right mate" and we worry about it when we "get there", which is generally a very large wake-up call in the mid 50's when we want to start winding down into a comfortable lifestyle but find ourselves completely unprepared and ill-equipped.

A Tale Of Two Sides

Published June 28, 2016- The article I am addressing is titled “4 things mortgage brokers never tell you” Da Da Daaaaa!! (You will need to read the article for this to make sense, I have attached it for your viewing pleasure.

Over Supply

April 8, 2016- My advice to any young purchasers, invest where you can afford, and rent where you want to live. And for the rest of you intrepid investors, i wish you "Calm seas and smooth skies"


Published March 7, 2016- If however "Downsizing" is in your current decision pendulum for how to survive in the future based off your current financial situation and is the result of 30 years hard labor to pay down the family home and then "Sell Up" and move into a trailer ... Then that is just not acceptable

This Man's Opinion

Published Feb 22, 2016- Well, the hot topic this week is the reshuffle of the Negative Gearing benefit and your question is how it affects you.

Some Information For You

Published Feb 15, 2016- It seems today that every time you turn on the TV or read a paper there is some type of new explosive news about how the Australian property market is tearing towards a collapse, breaching the Bubble or some other type of doomsday prediction.

Deafening Silences

Published Aug 14,2019- Warren Buffet's investment strategy is based on the Value Investing model, this is where you buy shares at a price that is less than its intrinsic value. Warren then added his own spin on this by "finding an outstanding company at a sensible price" rather than generic companies at a bargain price.

A Success Story

Published Aug 16, 2019- These are the types of businesses that you want to keep a look out for, who are the people behind them, and do they have the drive that only ends in success or death, these are the types of people I will bet on every day of the week.

I Told You So

Published Aug 16, 2019- What you need to do is make sure that you are not one of the people that are losing and I find the easiest way to stay ahead of potential threats is to pay attention to the whole picture and look at history, "All of this has happened before. And all of this will happen again" (yes i did just quote Battle Star Galactic 😛).

Smile Power

Published Aug 30, 2019- My personal code of conduct or standard that I hold myself to is to treat people with kindness both in the way I speak and my actions and I find that most people around me are happy generous people, now I am not saying that I am making them happier just by being happy, I may just be subconsciously cheating and surrounding myself with happy people so that I am happy haha.

Shotgun Self-Employed

Published Aug 30, 2019- It's almost a symptom of a midlife crisis, work has been grinding you down for years, you feel stuck in a rut working for "the man" so you decide to break free of the mold and become your own boss.

Don't panic!!

Published March 11, 2020- Don't panic, this is how money is made in this type of market. You need the fish to swim around in a frenzy, buying high, getting panicked and selling low. How much do you want to bet that Warren Buffett got out of bed this morning, called his team and said “okay guys, time to go to work.” If you want a strong share to buy, get some Berkshire Hathaway today!

Words Break More than Bones

Published Feb 18, 2020- I read an article recently where the author said that value investing is dead and growth investing is the last man standing... As you will see, they are two very different styles, but they are still logically connected.

A Bigger Piece of PIE

Published Feb 6, 2020- “A simple rule dictates my buying: be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett Warren has shown us time and again that this paradigm works. Before I show you how to become rich with the cash that you have, let me give the small business owners some tips on how to, not only keep your business in a downturn, but turn that business into a monster.

Diamond Tiaras And The First Great Recession

Published Oct 22. 2019- You see, the issue that we have is the same as our education systems: our monetary policies are dated, we are using mechanics that are from the old world industrial evolution era when the world was large and we communicated with the telegraph. Today, the world is very small and countries’ economies are reliant on each other...

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