Interview with an entrepreneurial mentor

Watch Shaun's interview at the Venture Investment Summit where he answers some of the questions below."What are you focused on [as an investor]?" "How are you supporting existing investee companies?" and  "How can investors support their investee companies?"

5 Tips For Investment Success

Shaun Fox, Founding Partner and Co- Managing Director at RAIC discusses his 5 Tips For Investment Success and how to conduct yourself when investing.

Pleasure Point Mine

A lot of people are asking me if the current market is going to affect the returns of the mine investment. What I tell them is that generally in this current environment, governments make investments in infrastructure to promote the economy and you find an increase in value in sandstone and sand. Also, the way we structure our investments gives you 2 forms of security. Watch to find out how we do this.

Staff Shout Out

One of the biggest assets you have in your business, is the people that choose to work with you- I have people who choose to spend their time with me and it is important to look after their wellness too!

Wellness Part 2

"Take advantage of this opportunity", says Shaun Fox. His methodology in life is to find where the opportunity lies when most people aren't looking.

"You don't need a million dollars, you need a million dollar income"

Shaun Fox explains what he meant when he said: " You don't need a million dollars, you need a million dollar income", by building the type of income that's supportive typically in an environment like this. When investing in alternative investments, the  work you do today, will pay you in the long term.

Shaun Fox addressing "Opportunity" in the current market

Look for opportunity that is out there and find the right opportunity for you!

Shaun Fox discusses the Standard and Alternate Investments

Now is a good time to access and to do some self-education to look at what type of investments you have invested in the last two years and how it has affected you now. Shaun discusses standard vs alternative investments and why he likes investing in the latter.

Shaun Fox addressing "Fear" in the current market

Listen to Shaun Fox, addressing "FEAR" and how creating syndicates can help small businesses and ensure equity for your investments and diversity your portfolio.

Shaun Fox addresses "Wellness at home"

"Now is a great time to focus on your family and friends, (and bring out the board games" , Shaun says. Look after your health and wellness by staying active.

Don't Panic Webinar to discuss strategies and investment opportunities in the current market

An interview with Shaun Fox, Managing Director of RAIC & Investment Coach, on "How to not panic, and be a smart investor in the current economy". Shaun is discussing strategies for investors and small business owners and explain that there are still a lot of opportunities in the market.

How to create real investment returns & ethical investing

Find out how RAIC creates real #investments for real people & invest in Pleasure Point Mine for the main resources of sandstone and silica. Shaun Fox, Managing Director of RAIC, presented RAIC Capital at Emergence 2020, powered by Wholesale Investor,  in Sydney and explained how they create alternative investment opportunities.

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