Partner with RAIC to generate Passive Income to Earn Your Time Back to 

"You don't have to earn $1 million to be a millionaire, you need to have $1 million income."
Shaun Fox, Managing Director of RAIC


At RAIC we believe that the best way to create a successful enterprise is to include people in the process and share the rewards of that success. As such the RAIC concept is to work with you as a partner so that you can share in the rewards.

We believe in tangible assets, we do not use our funds in the share markets and we only lend our money to assets that we are purchasing. We like to have direct control over not only where our money goes but to what that money is used for and how the business is run.Asset backed investing is the acquisition of assets for returns over a long period.

Passive income is the financial remuneration you receive from your assets, investments or past achievements. We should all strive to build a strong portfolio of passive income investments that will gain us our financial freedom.

The Dual-Profit structure is the construct of Shaun Fox’s investing philosophy. Money should be the leverage of good investing not the sum of its value.By this standard we use your money to secure both a fixed interest returns on your funds as a loan, and we also secure a percentage of direct ownership in the asset as part of your leverage.


Creating a passive income is the ultimate goal of every investment plan and how you can secure your financial future and impact your lifestyle today. If your goal is to invest to make money then you should be investing in businesses that make you money! Sounds simple, but what holds people back is not knowing how to manage a business, what type of business to invest in or how to set up a business.

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